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    How was Mercury’s voice brought to life for the film? I understand that the final product emerged from a combination of elements.John Warhurst: Wherever we had Freddie, we always used Freddie, because it’s so hard to beat that voice, and we wanted people to enjoy the fact that it’s almost the spirit of Freddie in the film. On set, Rami would sing at the top of his voice. We were always recording Rami’s vocal down, every time we shot a scene, and from that, we would pull out elements of Rami—his breath in, and things like that—which helped us enormously in making you suspend the belief that he is Freddie Mercury. So, we were combining Rami and Freddie in that sense, and then we found a voice double of Freddie because there are scenes in the movie—for example, when he was writing “Love Of My Life” at the piano—where we don’t have that recording of Freddie Mercury. We don’t have a recording of Freddie singing “Happy Birthday” at his parents’ house, or singing “Doing All Right” in the car park, so that was where we had to dip into voice double. Now, the way we created that was on set. Rami just sang that in his own voice; then, in post-production, we would get the voice double to match exactly the songs that Rami had done. We knew we wanted to stay true to Rami’s performance of Freddie, but we needed the voice to sound like the voice that you hear in the concerts, as well. So, we tried to make sure that it was seamless between the dialogue and all the elements of the scenes throughout the film.To progress successfully into employment in today’s music industry takes a lot of hard work, focus, commitment and passion.Choosing to work in the music industry is not for everyone. It also requires a strong set of competent skills and a well developed ‘creative muscle’. We aim to support you in developing all of these areas during your time at DYNAMICS School of Audio Engineering .If you are passionate about building and developing your skills in sound engineering, music production, studio recording, mixing and remixing, mastering, listening skills, creative music technology, synthesis, sampling, creative process, collaboration and much much more, then you should definitely carry on reading.