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    What films would you recommend for people interested in learning more about sound design?Martin Hernández : I think that our favorite films are always those that achieve this coming-together, so the best way to appreciate this is through your favorite films, whatever they may be. And once you work on this you’ll understand ah! there was a piece of sound work; there was a piece of musical composition. That’s how you come to know interesting works, and the door opens because it’s your favorite film. Many of the films that I have loved don’t actually have great sound work. I love the general ambience in a film by Japanese director Nagisa Oshima, which is called Furyo or Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (1983) and which is the story of a Japanese concentration camp during the Second World War, where they were holding British prisoners. There’s a really interesting relationship between David Bowie, who is one of the main actors, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, who apart from starring in the film was also its music composer. It’s a fantastic film and the music is incredible. Thanks to this film ‘el Negro’ and I became very good friends, because we were at school together, we worked together, and then we realized we had many tastes in common – we liked much of the same music and many of the same films. I’d been to see Furyo and he had too, he had the soundtrack and I didn’t, so he recorded it for me onto a cassette tape. We really admired Sakamoto’s music and the fact that he also acted in the film drove us crazy. Who knew that so many years later Sakamoto himself would give Alejandro a piece of music for Babel?So, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is one of my favorite films. The sound work isn’t particularly special, but maybe that’s what makes it so efficient.To progress successfully into employment in today’s music industry takes a lot of hard work, focus, commitment and passion.Choosing to work in the music industry is not for everyone. It also requires a strong set of competent skills and a well developed ‘creative muscle’. We aim to support you in developing all of these areas during your time at DYNAMICS School of Audio Engineering .If you are passionate about building and developing your skills in sound engineering, music production, studio recording, mixing and remixing, mastering, listening skills, creative music technology, synthesis, sampling, creative process, collaboration and much much more, then you should definitely carry on reading.